Fundamentals of Yumeiho Therapy
The body shape of a person is largely formed by a trunk. And the pelvic bones are a support for the torso. Only 0.1% of people have a proportional structure of the pelvic bones. Many of them are 1-2 cm offset, which negatively affects the whole body since this displacement is at the heart of the human body.

Due to the displacement of the pelvic bones, the spine bends, which leads to functional disorders on the part of the muscles, joints, and internal organs.
Pelvic bone displacement is a major cause of pain in:
lower back

hip joints

shoulder joints

diseases of the internal organs
Yumeiho therapy is a method that uses manual techniques: kneading and pressing to relax muscles, fascia, ligaments. Following a certain sequence of manipulations, it is possible to eliminate diseases caused by a displacement in the bones of the pelvis.
The human body is to some extent a house, the foundation of which is the pelvic ring, and the walls are the spine. If the pelvic bones dislocate, the spine bends.

The spine consists of 24 movable vertebrae. A curved spine causes irregular muscle and ligament tension. This, in turn, leads to a contravention of microcirculation and lymph drainage, which is the cause of various diseases. But to correct the spine to get rid of these ailments is not enough, because the reason is not in the spine. If the pelvic bones, as a foundation, cannot be fixed, then all attempts to align the walls and rebuild the roof will be in vain.
How does bone displacement cause disease?
99% of people have the displacement of the pelvic bone. It begins when the fetus passes through the birth canal of the mother, the pelvis of which already has displacements.
But there are acquired displacements caused by a fall or strike, but they are much rarer than congenital ones.
Why is that? According to statistics, up to 60% of adolescent girls suffer from menstrual disorders. The reason lies in the displacement of the pelvic bones. This is a serious problem and you need to pay attention to it. Bone displacement, as you know, leads to a contravention of microcirculation and lymph drainage of the internal organs of the small pelvis. From there, disorders and "female diseases" arise
When does bone displacement begin?
Is Yumeiho a safe, hands-only therapy method?
The manual pelvic reduction is a natural treatment and at the same time a preventive method.

During the yumeiho session, the therapist uses his hands to determine the elasticity and tension of the patient's muscles, eyes - to monitor his facial expression and skin color and ears - to catch the "crunch" of adjusted bones and joints. All this is necessary to achieve the best result.

Yumeiho therapy combines two methods: proper reduction and massage. Its main effect is aimed at the pelvic bones, joints, and spine, with the aim of:
normalization of muscles and ligaments for further correction of bone displacements

elimination of tension and rigidity of muscles
and ligaments to increase the range of motion in the joints
Diagnosis of displacement of the pelvic bones
The basic training course for yumeiho therapists includes the basics of diagnosing displacement of the pelvic bones, but in this article, we will consider one example of detecting displacement of the pelvic bones with postures and movements.

In everyday life, a person often unconsciously takes certain poses or makes certain movements. By analyzing them, you can determine the type of pelvic displacement. For example, if there is a right-sided pelvic displacement, chronic circulatory failure, tension, and muscle stiffness appear. This complicates the movement of the right hip joint, and the right buttock rises above the level of the left while lying down.
Effects of Yumeiho Therapy
The manual reduction of pelvic displacements not only treats diseases of the back and joints but also prevents their appearance and heals the whole body. And additionally:
Therapy provides the patient with warmth, freshness, and pleasure.

Eliminates fatigue by increasing blood circulation and improving metabolism

Enhances the body's resistance by activating internal organs

Prevents colds
May increase height due to the adjustment of the pelvic joints, the spaces between the vertebrae expand and the spine correction

Gives the face beauty, attractiveness of the female breast thanks to a beautiful posture

Gives the body flexibility

Calms, improves sexual activity, especially with sexual hypofunction
Basic Yumeiho exercises
Massage reduction of displaced pelvic bones generally combines 100 exercises, which are studied on a basic course:
Exercises for the reduction of the middle and lower thoracic vertebrae

Exercises for the reduction of the lower thoracic and lumbar vertebrae

Exercises for pressing and kneading muscles on both sides of the spine from the upper edge of the scapula to the iliac crest to soften tense and hardened muscles and restore the normal position of the joints and pelvic bones

Exercises for the reduction of the sacroiliac joints

Hip Joint Exercise
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